Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

What Home Means to Me

Not everyone has a house but everyone has a home. I think homes are so important to a child and I hope everyone has one. My home is so amazing it makes me feel so loved and welcome I have some of my best memories there.

You should feel loved at home. When you feel loved at home then you can learn empathy and help everyone feel loved. Feeling loved is a wonderful feeling and you should feel loved especially at home.

Home should be welcoming. I always feel welcome in my home and I think that is an essential part of a home. You should feel welcome at home however that is to you.

My best memories are at home. I think having memories of home is a vital part of growing up. Memories are so important and you should always hold onto yours.

My home is amazing and i’m lucky to have such a good one. The word home means alot of things to alot of people and I hope everyone can have one like mine.