Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

My home is special to me because my puppies are very warm and cute! My mom and dad love me a lot! My home is important to me also because I have warm pjs for nighttime! My home also has medicine for the sick people! My home is a place where we play games and have fun! Some people don’t have food or homes. We are lucky to have food and homes. My home is my favorite place to be because it is safe, warm, and cold when you want it to be and most of all my home has lots of family in it! My home smells good when my mom and my sister are baking! I am lucky to have sisters and parents and family because some people don’t have families to welcome them in when they get home from school or to welcome them in when they get home from work! My mom makes the best food because we have things to make food with! My home is safe because we live in a safe place! So, I can go outside and play sports like baseball and basketball! (They are my favorite sports) Some people don’t get to play those sports because they can’t go outside because there is war! We are lucky not to have war here! Some people don’t I think I am very lucky to have a school! Some people don’t have a school! I love my school too because I have a great teacher and amazing friends that are very kind! My school is safe for all the people that go to it!
That is what home means to me!