Grade 4

St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador

What home means to me

I open the door and my dogs come rushing towards me. My dogs’ names are Morgan, Oreo, and Maggie. I walk up the stairs and I look all around. That’s where my bedroom can be found. My bed is where I sleep at night, I can pull up the sheets, and it keeps out the frights. It’s more than some walls and doors, or some paint, and floors. It’s my own special place, in my home. On movie night we laugh and we play. We watch movies and play games like Uno and Chess. It’s lots of fun in my home I guess. On Christmas Eve we light up our tree, at 5:00 all the neighbourhood does it with me. It is so pretty! My home is where I stay during storms. It’s always dry and very warm. Home is where my family lives, but I miss my friends. I can’t wait until Covid ends!