Grade 4

St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador

What home means to me

Home for me is a place where I can play with my sisters, family and friends. I feel safe and comfortable in my house. I can pretty much do whatever I want as long as I’m being good. In the summer we all play in the pool and in winter one of my sisters and I spend a lot of time outside playing in the snow. I share a room with her. I have 4 sisters that are very fun. We play games together and sometimes my parents play too. I also have two dogs and three cats. Another one of my sisters brought all three cats home. My parents were not happy. At home me and my mom read the Baby-Sitters Club. I really like to read those books. I also like to talk with my friends on my iPad. It’s really fun when we play games together. My youngest sister and I spend a lot of time playing together. I help her with her homework and read books with her. I enjoy helping mom cook. I am really good at getting all the food together, helping cut up vegetables and passing them to mom to cook. I like to take my dogs in the backyard and play ball. Ozzy, my big German Shepherd, never gets tired of chasing the ball. He cries when I stop throwing it. Then I have my shiba inu Nala. She is a princess. She doesn’t chase balls and only does what she wants to do. My cats are really sweet. They love to play with their toy fishing pole. Since I have a big family there is always something to do. It’s never quiet at my house and it is always fun and happy, and that is what home is to me.