Grade 5

British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

Life is not like a video game. It’s not easy and when you have a home you should be grateful because not al people have a place they can live. So that’s why I want to help. Home is more tan wood and nails built into a waterproof place to live. It’s memories, safety, dry, fun. Imagine not having a home and living without somewhere to sleep, eat, and keep dry.

A thing I also believe in is that a home is not always an actual house. Like, say something happens to your house but all your loves ones and family are okay. I wouldn’t care about the house. I would care that my family and loved ones are alive. So I believe that be grateful for the house you have but what’s more important is family. That’s your real home.

PS. Our school raised $5400+ dollars for homelessness and Dawn to Dawn


What is a home?
Is home a house,
Is home a pet mouse?
Is home something you can hold,
Is home being bold?
Is home inside,
Is home outside?
What is home?
Home is not a house
Home is not a pet mouse
You can’t hold home
Home is not being bold
Home is not inside or out
Home is

I hope I help someone get a home and be happy inside, dry, cozy and warm with their family (the real home)