Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

This is what home means to me…

My home is a place where I can freely roam.
It’s where I have my comfort zone.
In my home I have my very own space,
A quiet area to relax, read, and draw in a warm embrace.

On my trampoline doing flips,
I keep going till I slip.
I keep going and I practice hard,
I keep bouncing in my back yard.

On my swinging bar,
I am trying not to swing too far.
I have a running start,
Beginning to race my heart.

My parents baking food,
The aroma makes me drool.
It is always oh so good,
I’ve loved it since babyhood.
When I go to bed,
I make sure I don’t bump my head.
My stuffed sloth on one side,
On the other there lays my pride.

I just wanted to write a good poem,
I hope it helps people without a home.
Every donation means a lot,
You may even have bought someone a whole plot.