Grade 6


What home means to me

Hello. The meaning of home means to me family, pets, and safety. Throughout my paragraphs you will know what home means to me. I hope you like my meaning of home!

Home=Family. Home means family because my family means alot to me. My family is the centerpiece of my home. If I had no family my house would just be a house and that is it. Family is the best part of your house; it has everything you will ever need. My family keeps me safe, fearless, and not hungry. My family makes my house joyful and happy to be there.

Home=Pets. Home also means pets to me because my two dogs are the best dogs in the world. When you’re bored there you’ll have two very happy,energetic,playful dogs waiting to play. My two dogs also help me do homework by sitting beside me and just watching me. Without my dogs all there would be is a house of people. Nothing else but just people and quietness. My two dogs both make my family and house joyful,entertaining, and great.

Home=Safety. Home means safety to me because it has safe stuff. I have my parents to protect me whenever I get scarred. I can feel like nothing bad to me will ever happen to me. My house is my most safe place in the world. If my house was not a thing i would not feel as safe as i do in my house. My house might just be a house but to me it’s the safest place in the world. My house is where I can never get scared because I know how safe my house is.

In conclusion. My family means a lot to me. It is the centerpiece of my home. My dogs make my house exciting and very playful. My dogs help me alot. But last but not least the safety of my home is amazing. Whenever I feel scared I have a home to protect me. My parents also protect me too. Without all of these things I just mention my house would just be a house. I hope that you liked my Meaning of home!