Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

Home is where you live. It doesn’t have to be a house but it is a safe place. Your family is at home which makes it feel safe. You can have more than one home too. Your home can be where you enjoy spending time. Your home can also help you calm down. Home is a place you love.

Your family is at home. Family doesn’t have to be people you are related to. Your family can be people you spend the most time with. Family can make you be happy, and to me that means home. Family feels like home because you are loved in a family. Family has happy memories just like home. Whether it is road trips or vacations, family gatherings or School concerts, Family is home.

Home is a safe place. The people and the environment of home makes it feel safe. Home makes you calm down and feel less stressed. Home makes you feel happy, and you feel protected at home. Home feels safe, because you spend time there and it is familiar. When you spend more and more time at a place it begins to feel safe.

Home is found where you live. Home is also found where your activities/hobbies take place. Home can be a classroom, for me my dance studio is like a second home. Home is where the people you love spend their time with you. Your home is where you love to be because it is a place that puts you in a good mood and you are doing things you enjoy. Home is where you can relax and feel better. Home is a happy place.

Home means many different things. It is important for everyone to have a home. Home is where you have happy moments, and everyone should have that. People without homes miss out on this opportunity. People who don’t have a home can’t have a safe and protected place to calm down, and feel better. Habitat for Humanity is making all of those things possible for people who don’t have homes!