Grade 6


what home means to me

Dear, Judges

This is what home means to me. Home is important because it is a part of my identity, it’s the place that everyday i come home to and see my dog barney and smell my mom’s delicious food.

Home contains me and my family and makes me feel safe. My family is what makes my home safe, warm and comfortable. I love when I come home from school and I see my mom already cooking dinner, my sister sitting at the kitchen table doing homework, my dad reading the newspaper or usually picking me up from school, and my dogs laying on the couch having their usual afternoon nap.

And of course all of the memories like beside the fire place where my mom and I used to color in my giant coloring book that covered the whole floor, the long green grass in my backyard where I used to practice my cartwheels, and my room where I had my first sleepover.

So basically home doesn’t have to be a certain house or that one specific thing home is the place where you can feel safe and secure no matter what or where your home is.