Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

What Home Means to Me

“Our homes are directly linked with our identity, how we see ourselves and our fit within our communities. They are the frame through which we see the world, the backgrounds to our lives, and the foundations for our dreams. They are our starting points and directly influence who we interact with, how we get around, and our physical and mental health.” Justine Giancola, RPP, 2020 OPPI President

To me, home is also a place where I am surrounded by people I love and who love me. It is a place where I can truly be myself. My home is a place full of memories, good and bad. Home is where I laugh most and grow more. The thing I love most about my home is the people I share it with. I often consider myself the luckiest person on earth because of my truly amazing home.

The dictionary says that home is the place where one lives, but to me it is so much more than that. Home is also a place where I feel safe. When I am home I feel as though nothing can hurt me. My home comforts me when I am sad and makes me feel safe when I am scared. My home is my favourite place to be.

When I grow up I want to become an urban planner so I can help create homes for others. Our current government is focused on more homes with more choices for all Ontarians.
Creating affordable housing is an important part of developing our communities and creating special homes for everyone. I am looking forward to building hope and changing lives for those that need a new home the most.