Grade 6


What home means to me

Home…when people think of home they think of a 4 letter word and a structure that you sleep in. Not a lot of people think about the true meaning of home. Home means very different things to everyone but to me home means a bunch of different things, it is not only a structure,it is family,safety,your identity,comfort…but most importantly it is yours. It will always be there through thick and thin through the happy and sad times.Some people say they don’t have a home,but in my opinion anywhere can be home as long as you are happy.You can live on a street,by a tree,or even by a dumpster as long as you feel safe and happy….it is home.There is no place like home.
Part of home is the family that is inside.It is a place where you can we together with all your loved ones. Our home is what strengthens us to be together and communicate with each other.Every day you wake up in the morning you smell fresh food on the table,you see your parents cooking.They see that you woke up and come to hug you and give you a kiss.Than you know it is going to be a good day.You come out of your school and see your mother and father waiting in the car to ask you how your day went.You say it went great and you see that they are smiling.Than you go back to your home because you know it will always be there,and you go into your warm bed and say a prayer that the next day will be the same.There is a saying Home is where the heart is.That is true because once your mother and fathers heart has stopped beating your house is a just an empty space with 4 walls and a roof.
Our home is where we can feel safe.It doesn’t mean that we have a fire alarm and safety products.We have people around us who can protect us from a robber or if your home is burning down.If something happens outside of home like someone wants to capture you,the first thing that comes to mind is to run home and lock your door because there you know it is a safe place.Home is where you feel safe because no one is a stranger in your home.In my home I have my parents who teach me man things and I learn most of the things from my parents before I realize anything on my own.A home is not just a shelter from the cold,wind,and rain although it certainly helps.A home is a sacred place where people come together.Now in this pandemic time our home protects us by keeping us isolated in quarantine.
Our home is a part of our identity.Homeless people refer again and again to feeling as though they don’t exist, or feeling that society treats them as though they don’t exist. Your name and address are, after all,are your identifiers. Imagine having no address to give, no space in the world to call your own, no privacy, no place to simply “be yourself “.It is where all your emotions and memories are because the moment your parents buy the house memories start forming,like the first step you take and the first words you say .Once you move it’s like throwing your memories away.Many people in today’s world are always complaining about the things they don’t have.The person who has a home wants a bungalow.The one who owns a bungalow wants a palace.The one living in a palace wants an island.This never-ending cycle goes on forever.But people never think about what they may be leaving behind all the memories,emotions,and so much more.
Your home is a place where you can find food and water and where you can relax.Your home can be filled with different types of food and fresh clean water,but some people don’t have that so we have to be grateful to even have food or water in the first place.You can come home after a long day at work or school sit on your cozy warm bed and read a book or go in your pantry and grab a snack to eat.Our lives these days are busier than ever. We spend more time in our schools or at work,than we do in our own homes. Our lives have become so fast paced that we really need to make a concerted effort to slow down. For many of us this no longer comes naturally and we must force ourselves to relax – to really stop and smell the roses.Eating at home is more extra time for families to be together.Preparing food together and after sitting at the same table.It is benefits for all families.Eating together provides a time to be connected. This helps children feel loved, safe and secure.Use meal times to teach children about family values and traditions.
Home is yours and it will always be there.No matter where I go in the future,my foundation will always sit firmly in this environment and with these people who have formed me and taught me how to live.I know that I can always come home.After all,home is where the heart is.By definition-A house is a building built for habitation where as a home is an abode built for ones family.But a home is something more special than that.A home is a place where you feel comfortable.A house is just a shelter.A home is a place that one loves to live in,but a house one just lives in.A home is built with a family,but a house has no intentions of family life.A house belongs to you,but you belong to a home.
I believe that a home is more than four walls and a roof over head.Home is an environment.It is a feeling that greets me when I walk through the door.It is the people who wait for me to get home.My home is my rock-solid foundation, and I will take it with we when I leave.I believe that home is where individuals become themselves,not primarily physically but mentally.It becomes a hole that forms who we are.That is why home is not just a 4 letter word.You know a home is a 4 letter word. But every letter of that word has another word and meaning inside of it.H- start for heart because that is where your heart is.O -is for one because everyone has only one home that they take care of.M -is for memories because the second you step into your home memories start forming,and last but not least is E- it stands for emotions because you can express any type of emotion and feel safe about nobody judging you.That is the true meaning of home.