Grade 6


What home means to me.

I think that home is somewhere you can do things. Some of which are being relaxed, warm, and especially comfortable. Things that come along with being at home is, paying the bills, doing yard work, and taking your dog out for walks. Every day you come back home to something different. For me it is my black and white puppy wagging his tail.
Being comfortable, relaxed, and warm are something so special about home. Let’s say if you went for a long skate for 3 hours and you are cold, you come home to your fireplace beside your t.v. There is that warm feeling about home that most people have. To me being comforted means that you are somewhere you can be without being worried about something.

Having fun is watching a movie with your family or playing mini sticks in your basement, you can rely on so many things such as your friends to play video games. Fun in your house is one of the most major things of home. Being entertained is like having fun, but when you have fun, you are happy with what you are doing.

Let’s jump to conclusions to say that home is the nicest place to be whether you are sad, mad or happy. Coming home is so nice because if you have a pet like I do, you get to see
{he or her}. Doing those fun things like playing video games or watching a movie with your family, those things make your house such an amazing place.