Grade 6


What home means to me

Home to me is where I can chill out or watch tv and do more stuff. Home is a safe place to me because it can make me feel comfortable and it is a place with no violence or abuse. But other people can be different from me and that is ok.

But some major things that remind me of my house is my bedroom. The reason why is because I always hangout in my room and it is a place where I can sleep. Also it is a place where I can play video games and watch movies and stuff.

My next major thing that reminds me of my house is my pets. My pets are a huge part of my house because it is a place where I can see them after school. They remind me of my house so much that sometimes I think of them when I am doing something else. My pets hold a role in my house and in my life because I see them so much and they just make me feel happy all the time.

The next part that reminds me of home are chores. Since I do so much chores it actually reminds me of home. Chores can be rough sometimes and sometimes chores are good. It’s that chores always reminds me of home because I do it so much.

When I go home after school I always have some sort of assignment, so if I do not finish it at school well I do it at home. So the next major part is homework. Since we get a lot of assignments I usually do it at home so I can finish it up. The reason why I put homework on the major things that remind me of home is because I do so much homework.

Now for the last one is the one thing that I like watching are movies. Movies are if not the thing that reminds me of home the best way possible. Also in December we’d watch Christmas movies every saturday night. Also I just love watching movies. Movies will always be a major thing in my house. Even when I am not watching a movie I sometimes do research like seeing if there was a sequel or just see if it is the last movie that the franchise will make.

So when I think of my home I think of the things that I wrote down like homework or chores. In the house that I live in the things that remind me of home are the things that I don’t think about. So what you think of your house? Do you remember the tiny things that go on in your household?