Grade 6


What home means to me

Today I will be sharing about what home means to me. Home can be described in many different ways depending on the person. I think home means a place that everybody needs with family and friends, lots of delicious food, and a place to feel warm and welcome. In these paragraphs I will be explaining more about some topics that answers that question.

Home= Family, friends, and pets. I think a big part of the meaning of home is your family, friends, and pets because they help you with things if you need help and they comfort you when things are stressful or scary. When friends come over to hang out and play video games you can relax and take a break from your day. Another part of home to me is my pet cat who plays with me and comforts me. When I think of home I think of playing board games every weekend on family game night having lots of fun. That’s why friends, family, and pets are a big part of the meaning of home.

Home= Food I think that food is a part of home because I enjoy eating dinners with my family eating delicious food together. When I come home from school it feels nice to have dinner with my family. At home you have unlimited food from your fridge and cupboards. It is comforting when we eat together because all of my family is together. That’s why I think food is a big part of the meaning of home.

When I’m home I feel happy and I have a warm feeling inside that I’m safe with my family and friends in a house. This is a feeling that is great because it comforts you. When I’m home I feel happy because of my pet cat sleeping which makes me so happy. That’s why home is a feeling and a physical building.

All these reasons are why everybody needs a home because it is a place to come back from school and relax with your family and friends. It is a place that everybody needs so they can feel comforted and safe. I think that nobody should ever not have a home and comfort by their friends and family. That’s why I think habitat for humanity is a great organization because they help people afford houses and feel warm inside because of their home.