Grade 6


What home means to me

I’m going to tell you the meaning of home. Family is a part of home. Family equal love, you love your family because they care for you.They can cook for you, talk with them see them and love them.Evan you family says they hate you,they still love them and care for them because they are your family that’s why family equal home Like i feel when im home its nice. Home equal food.You food is a part of your home because the smell when your mom makes food after school makes you. Home equal fun. You can have fun by playing video games like MineCraft, fortnite and roblox ether with family,friends and classmates. You can play even bored games like monopoly,life and twister. That’s why I think fun is part of your home. On the weekends me and my friends won an area game in fortnite. This is what i mean by fun is a part of home My last thing is why pets are a part of your home. Pets are a big pact on your home; they can poo and pee on your floor. They can also be nice and gentle and they make your home different like furniture food and the smell makes your house different in a way. One time my dog pee and poop on the ground and it smelled so bad we had to use air freshener to make it smell good. This is what I mean by pets are a part of your home. The look of your house make you know what your house is the shape of you house and your address. It makes you know where it is and that’s a big part of your home. Thank you for reading to my meaning of home and I hope you understand what home means to mean and others that feel the same way.