Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

Home is awesome home is nice home is where I live I think my home is a safe zone no matter where I am.

When I’m hungry I can eat when I’m sleepy I sleep when I’m angry when I’m sad I can always stay glad when I’m at home.

play games have funned don’t be glum a place to pray and have lots of fun.

My home is always here no matter what home is home.

My family can help me. And tell me I belong.

Playing with my brother is lots of fun but at home it’s even funner.

home is in my heart and always in my mind.

Far and neer my home is here in my heart and in my life.

Home is with me all the time when I’m alone I go home and then I feel better.

play,run have lots of fun always at home.

We laugh and yell.Never be sad always be glad
never fear cause home is here as safe as it can be.
When it snows when it rains I am always dry with a roof over my head.

Home is home and nothing to fear because I’m safe when I’m at home. That is what home means to me.