Grade 6

Grande Prairie

What home means to me

When you open the door you see not much
but there’s so much more.
Home to me is a place that is my safe space.
At my home you can make new
Memories and playing with your family.
It’s a place where it’s warm and it never
gets torn. It’s where I can express myself and be me.
To me a house is just a house, and home
is awesome but just like a house it also has
some rough patches like mouses and dirt everywhere.
But at the end of the day it’s home.

At home you can wear whatever you want, just like my aunts.
Yes a house can also be great but a home is
super snug just like a big hug.
You can look out the window and see
the stars and eat a whole bunch of chocolate bars.
It’s a zone where no one feels alone.
It’s where I eat honeycombs and when I
talk at home it sounds like I’m using a microphone.
Sure a house might be made of stone, but
it’s still not as good as my home. That’s what home
means to me.