Grade 6

Grande Prairie

What Home Means to Me

Home is a comfortable space where you can feel safe. You feel love with good memories filling up your brain. You can compete, relax, play games or anything. It’s your home so you can do what you want without being judged. Most of the good memories are in your home. Home is where you can stay closer than six feet and also not needing to wear a mask. It takes care of you. It has delicious breakfast for you to eat and a comfortable bed for you to sleep in. It has more to it than four walls and a roof. It makes the person you are.

You sometimes have arguments with your family but it eventually gets solved with a home making you feel warm and safe. You have immaculate, clear water to drink and the satisfaction of it describes home in a nutshell. Home is like a wave of happiness that keeps you in a good mood even in hard times. It supports you with comfort and it keeps you from danger.

For people who aren’t fortunate enough for a home, that’s what habitat for humanity is for. You just know that it’s a good charity if they’re crying because they’re so happy to get a home! Everyone deserves a home to be safe, comfortable and the other things that make home. They can have their own place to pray and be a proud christian. Lastly they can have a place to be themselves.