Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

When you look at it from the outside you might think, “Home is just a house I live in and a roof over my head”, but actually home means a lot more than that. Home means an enjoyable, happy place where you learn and grow. It’s a place where you feel loved and wanted. Home is a place where you can make memories. Home is where you are loved and cared for. You can make many memories at home. Like riding a bike for the first time or making a memory box to remember everything you have done with your family at home. I make memories by writing them down in a journal or in a notebook, that way you can remember them better. I have made a lot of memories in my past years. For example, one of them is my first birthday! That’s one of the memories I will always remember. You can also create memories by taking pictures, creating a memory book, and even drawing! Some other things you can do to make memories are:

#1: Start a NEW family tradition
#2: Make a family photo album
#3: Go on a family shopping spree
#4: Go on a family nature walk
#5: Plan a family vacation
#6: Create a family movie day
#7: Make a family art piece
#8: Make a family garden
#9: Visit a family favourite restaurant
#10: Go for a family bowling day
#11: Have a family bake-day
#12: Have a family bake/ garage sale
#13: Go fishing
#14: Make a family science experiment
#15: Have a family game night

These are all great ideas to create memories that fill a house with love and makes it a home.