Grade 4


What home means to me

A place where I can unwind and calm down.
A place where love surrounds me.
A place full of memories.
My home is all about celebrating and having fun.
My family’s philosophy is always the more the merrier,and because of this, my home is always the place that everyone gathers and has a good time.
A very happy but sad memory was the hour I found out that my papa had passed, we opened my front door to find a very big fuzzy lime green caterpillar (that I had never seen before) heading straight towards us. When we came home 5 hours later he was still circling our welcome mat.
I think my papa came to my home because it was one of his favourite places to be and I have to agree with him.
It doesn’t matter where you are, a home is a place where you are surrounded with people that love you.
I have lived in my home my whole life and I
would not want to be anywhere else.
A house is not the same thing as a home.
A home is a place that you care about and have
lots of memories and love EVERYWHERE!