Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

What Home Means to Me
It is where I live. It is where I am free to do what I want. It is warm and cozy. It is where I am safe to stay. It is very quiet. It is where I can sleep peacefully. It is where I can go when I am alone. My home is important to me and my family. I don’t have to worry about being alone because I have my home. It is the most important place to me. I love my home just as much as it loves me. If my home goes down I will go down with it because it is always there when I need it the most. I will try to protect my home just as it protects me. My home means every part of my heart to me. It gives me what I need. Keeps me from the rain. It has all that I need. It is where I can do arts and crafts. My home inspires me to do what I like, like art because of the paintings on the walls. It is almost like my home is alive. When I am upset I look to my home for inspiration. My home also made me who I am today. All this is how important and what home means to me.