Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

Here’s what home really means to me:
Home is a place with lots of grace,
No matter what happens, someone’s always there to embrace
It’s somewhere you feel safe and secure,
A place where your family is there to be sure
Home is a place in which you feel important and significant,
A place where there is always acknowledgment and no embarrassment
It is a place in which no one judges you,
Somewhere you’re free to do whatever you want to
Most certainly, a home is where you are glad to be and nothing can beat the value and feeling of home!

Everyone might think a good home is a rich, spacious and luxurious house,
But, let me tell you, a good home doesn’t have to be an expensive house
In fact, it isn’t for everyone,
People who live in small houses are also really happy with their home,
That’s because
Home is place where you come after a long tiring day and relax
It’s somewhere you experience all feelings, whether they are good or bad
Somewhere you always feel welcomed and look forward to going
Most importantly, home is where your loved ones who you can always rely on are
Those loved ones can be your mom who happily makes you warm and delicious food,
Your dad who works hard and makes money to run the home,
Your sister who supports you during your ups and downs in your life,
Your brother who loves you unconditionally,
A friend who is and will always be there for you
A spouse who is your better half
Or even a cute and loving pet
Home is where I can create everlasting memories
It is where my heart resides
Therefore, “Home is not a place, it’s a feeling”
– Cecelia Ahern
Home, Sweet Home