Grade 5

Saint Andrews

What Home Means to Me

What home means to me.
Home is a place everyone deserves.
Home is a place where people feel safe and cozy,
A place where people go to hide in a storm,
A place where people go after work or school.
Home is a place where people sleep and eat,
A place where people laugh and hang out,
A place where people feel free.
Home is a place people do whatever they want,
A place where people eat and get clean.

Home is a place everyone should have. No one should have to live on the streets. Once I went under a bridge and saw four or five small tents. I was sad to see that many tents under one bridge. Without my home, I would not feel safe and cozy, be happy or make memories. I hope so many people submit their writing pieces so that many people will get homes. If you ever saw people living on the streets and you were sad you know how I feel about the people under the bridge. I feel lucky that I have a big and nice home. Whenever I see someone on the streets, I ask my parents if I can give them some money. I hope many people get homes from this organization. Home is the best place to me!