Grade 6


What home means to me

A house is somewhere you go or move in to that is made by other people. But a home is family and the things inside. The memories that you have and the things you do. You turn a house into a home by having activities and memories.

The right people that love you and care about you. When you are sick,scared,sad,mad or just need someone to talk to.You just feel safe in a home where people l are kind,loving and listen to you.

When you feel that and more you can call a house a home. But not just a home your family and the things you like and care for the most. Like pets and that favorite toy that you just can’t get rid of.

Now that you know the difference I can tell you that a house and a home are very different. If you don’t have a home you don’t have good times or a warm place where you feel loved and safe. So I guess I am trying to say a house has just walls,roof and a door. A home is so much more.