Grade 5


what home means to me

I am thankful for a home to live in that keeps me warm .I am also thankful for money that buys me food. Some water that keeps me hydrated and clean. All those come from a home and a shelter or a job .Anybody should be thankful for what kind of house that they have. I think that homes for humanity is a good thing that people do for Canada. I think we should thank these people that volunteer for this job they have done a good job. I am also thankful for a relaxing place to live in.
I have a family there is five in my family there is Rebecca Duncan, William Duncan, Margaret Duncan, Bruce Duncan, and there is me the youngest in the family. Once my sister went to the parliament building in Ottawa for an award . I my brother and sister always sing trios at the music festival .This year we are singing this is me form the greatest show man. It’s going to be fun.
My memories that I have are in my home they are sad they are happy but they were all in my home. I remember when I got a new game at Christmas and I played it all the time at home it was called trouble. Another memories that I have is when I had my first sleep over with my friend .That was super fun. I remember when it was my first day of school and we took a lot of pictures I thought my face was stretched out. That heat. I think everybody has good memories and bad memories like all those memories that I shared with you today.