Grade 4


What HOME Means to Me

Home is very important to me. It has my family (mom, dad, brother and 3 cats). Home has everything I need. It gives me shelter. Also there’s foods and drinks. It gives me a place to sleep. My home makes me feel safe. Home is a place of comfort and warmth. Home is where I can be myself and not what anyone wants me to be. When I’m at home I feel happy to be home with family and safe.

At my house I have lots of memories. Examples: I was doing the splits on my staircase the day before I broke my arm. When I had a broken arm in 2018, I would do one handed cartwheels because I can’t not go upside down. Also I have different memories. Like my 9th birthday party, when I had a pool party at my home. Also when I had family game night, we played Pictionary Air and it was really hard. All these memories like my broken arm, my birthday party, and family game night, I remember because I was with my family and at my home.