Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

Home to me is a place where I can cry, laugh, sing, and shout. Home is a place where all my memories are kept safe and sound like all my birthdays, getting my dog Tipsy, moving rooms and just all those good and bad memories in my house. In my home I feel safe from the pounding rain and the icy wind. I feel warm in my home when it snows. I couldn’t imagine waking up under a wet bridge on a cold wet bench and not having some place to go after school. Home means a lot to me.

I imagine not having my home to come back to after a long day and the thought of that makes me feel scared and worried inside. If I were homeless I would feel trapped by my own emotions because I wouldn’t feel comfortable to let those feelings out in front of strangers.
Crying, shouting, laughing, singing and yelling are all things homeless people are afraid to do. The reason is because I think that they get embarrased by all the people who walk past and stare at them. I don’t know how it feels to be homeless but it probably feels scary, intimidating and they must feel unsteady.
Just take a minute and think what if I were homeless?

Usually we walk past a person experiencing homelessness and we think oh there’s a homeless person. You actually should say a person experiencing homelessness because saying homeless person sounds like they’re never going to get a home and it sounds more permanent. But person experiencing homelessness sounds like they will get a home. If a person experiencing homlesness heard you say there’s a homeless person they might feel hurt and we don’t want that.

A couple weeks ago I got the chance to listen to the story of a person who used to experience homelessness. He had mental health issues and he lost his job then he went into debt and could not pay his bills. So he got kicked out of his apartment. He was homeless for at least two years. He then went to the Mustard Seed and that’s when his life changed they let him stay the night, they fed him meals, checked his health and helped him find a new job! Now he has an apartment run by the Mustard Seed.
*Lets give so this doesn’t happen as often*