Grade 5


What home means to me

Home is not just a house. Home is a place to enjoy time spent with family, like holidays and visits
with friends. I like spending time at home for lots of reasons. I used to live on a very busy street in
Sarnia. Now I live on a quiet street so I can skateboard and ride my bike with my brother and my
friends. I also have a basketball net and a hockey net out front that we can play whenever we like.
In the summer my favorite thing to do is hang out around the pool with family and friends. Some of
my favourite memories are at that pool. Like parties and barbeques or even just floating on my
doughnut floatie with a freezie. My dad built us a home theater in the basement because one of our
favourite things to do as a family is have movie night together. We have a popcorn machine and
LED lights just like a real movie theatre. The best part is my bedroom where I have an awesome
work space where I can draw, build and work on my stuff. I feel lucky to have all of these things in
my home.

But most of all my home makes me feel safe and happy. And my family makes me feel protected
and loved and that what home means to me.