Grade 6

British Columbia

what home means to me

Aiden Guhl January 28 2019
Meaning Of Home

I feel that home is important to me because some people in Canada don’t have a home. During the last meaning of home project, home started to mean so much more to me. To see how people live in poverty makes me so sad and I wish I could help them.

My home has ever thing I need to live and grow I have food, running water, a roof over my head, and a family. My family means the world to me, even though they sometimes annoy me. Home is a place of comfort, love, and security as well as a place to know somebody is always looking out for me. My house may not be the biggest, but I love it so much.

That is why I feel home is important to me. To know you are loved is the greatest feeling in the world. And I wish everyone had what I do.