Grade 4


What “Home” Means to Me

My home is important to me because it is safe for me to talk about private conversations with my family knowing they won’t tell anyone.
At home, everyday, I will never go without a full 3 healthy meals a day. Everyday at school, my mom makes me a filling and healthy lunch.
At home, I have a nice family I can trust. They play with me when I’m bored, they feed me when I’m hungry, they help me with my homework and drive me to my sports. Every Friday my dad is willing to coach my hockey even if it cuts into his work hours.
In my house, my favourite room is my bedroom. It is my favourite room because I sleep in there every night and I read, play and get dressed without anyone watching. I especially love my home because it is very fun. We have games, an Xbox, a WiiU and me and my sister both have iPads. That is what home means to me.