Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

Home is a place to sleep and way more than that. Home is nice and cozy and sleeping in a nice big room instead of a small room. The smell of home is very comforting and smells like freshly baked cookies and that smells really good to me. Then the bathroom, could you imagine living somewhere without a bathroom? Then you couldn’t go to the bathroom which would be really hard for me! And helping my family makes me happy that is why I want to at least raise $10 for Habitat for Humanity. Home is also having a place to eat and having friends to visit and having enough money to have a house and a stable house with a mom, dad, brothers and a sister. This year my uncle is coming to live with us because he does not have a home to live in. I also love everything in my house like a bedroom, couch, table, bed, and so much more. For church there was a program at “The Bridge” and you got a piece of cardboard and we had to sleep on it for the night to raise money and awareness for homeless people in Leamington. The reason I am writing this is in happiness to win for homeless people in Leamington so they enjoy a home like I do. Home is everything!