Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

Home. It is something that I call a place that makes you feel safe.
Usually, a place where you live. Most people like their homes, and feel great when coming in.
It’s a place that you know you live in, and a place you’re familiar with. It also does not need to be a house.

With home having you feel safe, you would prefer it over some other places, mainly because you live here, and this is where YOU live. You also probably know that it’s like your territory. Most people like their homes as again, they live there, and they know it very well.

With it not having to be a house, it’s pretty obvious-you can look at some homes for some of the homeless, and they have used cardboard boxes and even garbage cans, and sure, they might not like it as much as, say, a house, but they* call it home. They call it a place they live in.

And speaking of not having things like a house, this charity called “Habitat for Humanity” wants to fix that issue. Said charity wants to make affordable housing that the homeless can buy so hopefully, they have a place to live in. Then they don’t have to go to garbage bins and cardboard boxes. They can just have a house. A comfortable one. A good one. Just…

A place where they can live.