Grade 4

British Columbia

What home means to me

Home means to have a place where love comes from, peace, caring people who no your safe.Home is where your kind,happy,caring family lives.The reason I love my home is because some people in the world don’t have homes that they can feel safe and warm in.I love my home because it has my five year old kitty and she has so much fur she feels like a swirl of cotton candy that is as big as a elephant but smaller and with less weight.Another reason I like having a home is I have a bed, my own room so I can do my own things in it with my brother not annoying me.Some of the things I love at my house are my kitty cat, my bed, food, water,my family,my room,my home.Some people don’t have homes so they have to sleep outside in the rain,snow and sometimes hail.I feel very lucky to have a roof over my head.Having a home means a lot to me and I never want to give my home up.The best thing at home is my family.