Grade 4

Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means to Me

Home to me, is a safe,warm place to be. It is fun,has my family and there is always laughter. When I think of home I think of my warm cozy bed because my bed’s where I spend the whole night . My house is always light because the sunlight through the shimmering glass. My family is loving,fun and awesome. When I walk into my house I can smell the sweet smell of my mom’s scrumptious cooking. I can hear my little brother playing with his loud toys as loud as a construction site. When I come home I rush out of my car and go to my garage to play my favorite sport,basketball. After school I love to go on a bike ride with my mom and dad. I love the feeling of the shivering wind blowing in my face. At night I love to play games with my family. My favorite games are chess and checkers. When my brother is in bed occasionally we play games like monopoly,uno and go fish. At night we usually sit together on the couch and talk about our day or we find a show to watch on the TV together. I also sometimes go downstairs to play with my lego.I have so much lego I could make my whole family about 2 times!! My dad is a big joker in our family and he always makes us laugh. I love it when my dad puts me upside down and he tickles me. I can also make my brother and sister laugh really easily. My mom is a bit harder to crack,but I do it. Home is a place where I want to be and I love my home.