Grade 4


What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me

My home is filled with loving people who care about me like my grandma, my sisters and my brother. I am the youngest person in my family.

There are really fun things to do and lots of fun places around like the tennis court, a park, also a splash pad and a basketball court.

My family and I play board games like Ludo, No Thumbs Allowed, Jenga, Operation and Pieface Showdown. Those games are really fun. As well in the summer, my siblings and I play sports like basketball, tennis and volleyball.

My house is really comfortable with wifi and electricity as well as clean water to drink. I have a nice, warm and comfortable bed to sleep on. I also have lots of food and a school that is near my house so I can walk to school.

Some people in the world don’t have clean water and I think everyone should have a safe, warm home and clean water.