Grade 6

Prince Edward Island

What Home Means to Me

To me home is comfort and love.
When I feel at home I’m usually around friends and/or family, being with friends or family makes me feel safe and loved which makes me feel at home. If I love whoever I’m around and they love me I feel good and comfortable which is just like home.

Comfort like warmth and safeness is like home to me too. Being comfortable about my surroundings and warm and nice is like home no matter where I am, as long as I feel good about it.

Things that can remind me of my home are things that my family might do a lot at home and if it’s almost the same even out in the cold I’d feel at home.

Animals can also feel like home because most animals love you no matter what and love is important to me to help feel at home.

Being around homey things that you would find in any home would make me feel at home even if I’m not at my home because those things are recognizable and make me feel good.

Also food. Food makes me feel at home. I love food.

Really anything loving or comfortable and recognizable makes me feel at home because if I feel safe and good about it I feel at home.

Those are all the things that make me feel at home even when I’m not actually at home.