Grade 5

British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

To me, home means sanctuary, a safe place, anything … pleasant, you could say. Home is a word that most people think of as a place with a warm bed, a TV, maybe even a game console. Others, think of it as a bare, cold, place ridden of anything comfortable, or nice. With little left of food but moldy bread and fruit to eat. Some people, not many though, think of a tent, on the side of the road with an old cardboard sign and a restaurant cup for money. Homes are not the same thing to everybody. They are very different. Think about people like Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos. Then think of people like Hansel and Gretel’s parents, who had to get rid of their kids! People need to act. Right now. Think of what you can do. Make an impact. For good. For humanity.