Grade 6

Wasaga Beach

What Home Means To Me

What home means to me
By Mallory Rhodes

Home is a wondrous place,
home is my base.
Home is not where I live now but when I go,
a place where I’m not cast in a shadow.
When I visit I never feel alone,
there are tons of family and friends that are my home.
When I am at home people help edit my life and make it better,
laughter and love making it matter.
There are many memories and memories to be made though,
everyone in my home has memories of them in my heart that I will never let go,
You can find your home where your love is shown,
home is not a foundation of rock, it’s a foundation of rock solid love.
My home is a place I will never forget because it is MY home, it is where I feel safe, it is where I feel loved and it is where I want to pass my love down to my future family.
A loving environment is what home means to me.