Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

What Home Means To Me

My home means love, safety, peace, kindness, and memories. It is a place with family, friends and dreams. At my home, I have fresh water to drink and bath in, clean clothes to wear, healthy food, and a stable home. I play board games and online games at my home. My home is where my family is.

My family is kind, and so are my friends, and everyone should have the same. Everybody deserves a clean, stable home like mine. All families have the right to have their own bedroom, and personal space.

People that don’t have homes, they suffer in the cold, starve without food and love, and good memories. To be happy people need a home. A home can save your life. It shelters you. It has family. A home means you have all the things you love. When you have lots to love you can live a good life.