Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

Home is a place where love is all around, it’s a place where everyone is crowned. A house is like a beautiful castle, like you don’t even need to travel. Everyone is happy and safe, when you enter it’s like your house gives you a warm embrace. In every house you are comfortable, and houses are usually not that much of a trouble. I feel bad for the poor, I can’t take anymore, a house is where everyone belongs, it’s a place where you can even live lifelong. Home has a warm breakfast, lunch, and dinner yummy. I love when my friends come over and when we put on music so loud, when I lie down on my bed it feels like a warm cloud, and when I dream of the summer and having fun, And then I wake up to see the sun. In a home everyone is welcome, i can’t think of anyone that’s unwelcome. I love my home. It feels like heaven. In one of my dreams I wished that every single person had a home even if they are poor even when they are rich. A home takes care of you so you take care of it.