Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me

-Home means love and a safe place with family.

-Home is where I can be safe from storms and the cold weather in the winter and the warm weather in the summer.

-Home means fun with your family and your friends.

-Home is where I play with my favorite games and enjoy time with my family like watching movies and playing games.

-Home is where I like to scare my family when they are walking down the hallway.

-Home is where I can always come home to a warm and cozy bed and have nice meals.

-Home is where I do whenever I want or however, I want but always having fun with my family.

-Home is where I read all the books, I want to read, and I can read all of them in silence.

-Home is home it does not matter what it looks like all homes are different.