Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

What Home Means to Me
By: Lucas Yu

To me, home is more than just a word, place or brick building, it’s a feeling, an emotion. When I’m at home, I feel good and happy, just to be there. For example, when I come home from a long journey away from home, I say “home sweet home”. I say that because I love my home, a lot of my memories are made and stored in my house and I can’t just leave my memories behind. I love my home because it gives me everything I need. At home I have shelter, food and entertainment, it has everything that a human could possibly want. When I was a baby I knew nothing about my house, I played with everything in it. And that’s why it has my memories from a baby to now. I remember moving houses, I felt destroyed on the inside but somewhat excited. The reason that people feel sad and destroyed is that they loved their old home. Their old home held all of their memories and everything, then you just leave everything that you did and loved in your home… behind. The reason that people feel excited to move is that they want to make new memories and new opportunities. Just because you live somewhere doesn’t mean that you can call it home, it needs to earn that title. It needs to hold most of your life memories, have most of your most prized possessions and make you feel good and special and have everything that you and your heart desires. I think that everyone should have a home to love it like I do because, without a home, a part of you is missing. And that is what home means to me.