Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

You can’t live without a home! If you had no home, you would have zero protection from harsh climate whether it be cold or warm. A home is a place filled with the people you love, family or friends. Besides that home is a place where all your worries fade away,
Home is safety.

Think of a vacation you never want to leave. That is what home feels like, when you are away from home for too long you usually begin to feel homesick. Home takes away your worries in a snap because you know that you’re safe and have people around you that care for you. Home is like a dream catcher, but it catches worries instead.

Family and friends are what keep our social life alive. Communication and relationships are a part of living a happy life. When most people are depressed or have issues, they use drugs to ‘fix’ themselves. Friends and family are what make us feel loved and important.

Home is a roof over your head that keeps you protected from anything dangerous in our world. Like climate or wild animals. If you had no home you could be attacked by a wolf while you’re sleeping. When you’re home you feel nothing can hurt you, you are safe.

As you can tell home is very important. It is important to everyone… Including me.