Grade 6

Quadra Island
British Columbia

what home means to me

My home is not perfect but it’s unique. To me home is a special place with special people living in it. I have a pretty big family and even though they can be pretty crazy, I love them and they love me. Everyone in my home is a hard worker and we all have to do our part to keep things moving smoothly.
Half of the time I live on a farm so that means that every day we have to collect the chicken eggs, but the benefits are that we make money off of the things we grow and sell.
Plus, we have good food grown and raised ourselves to eat.
I think that it’s really important to be comfortable in your own home. In my home I am comfortable in two ways, the first way being that I can say things and do things without being judged. I feel safe knowing that my family is always there for me.
I am also comfortable in another sense, in that every night I go to sleep in a warm bed, every day there is good food for me to eat, and whatever day it is, there is never a dull moment. My home is kind of crazy but I love it no matter what.