Grade 5


What home means to me

What Home Means To Me

For me home means love and lots of other things, now home may not mean the same thing to you. When I think of home I think of family. Now let’s get started. For me home means love, family, spending time with your loved ones, helping each other out and supporting each other, for example my Dad and I love to cook together and so do my Mom and I. There is lots of hugging when you get home from school, saying nice words to each other like I love you or how was your day. Be nice to your family and don’t yell, it could set the day as a mad day, cuddle when someone is sad or when we are watching TV, have a nice dinner together and watch a funny movie. Don’t always be on devices, exercise and have fun together, we love to be cozy and warm, make sure you are happy in your home, I know I am. We have privacy to get changed, home for me also means cool and funny, have a nice comfy bed, blankets, and pillows. I like a house that is heated, I have a roof over my head, a place where I feel safe and cared for, where I can have friends over without a parent having a big fuss, somewhere with food and water, you can be clean and healthy, a place where I matter, a place where I’m loved, but with all of this comes rules which I’m ok with.

Other people may feel different about home, they may be sad at home, they may fight at home, some people could walk into their home and be yelled at, others may go home to a pet, some may go home to do chores.