Grade 5


what home means to me

Home means safety to me because I am safe when I am with my mom and dad and my brothers.I am safe from anyone breaking into my house.the next thing that home means to me is health because i have to eat good food and run and go to the gym a lot. I run a lot.Home also means video games to me because me and my brothers play a lot of games and I like playing games. Sometimes we even play together. My favorite game is brawl stars. It is a good game I play with my friend.I like playing video games at home.Home means sounds to me like when your family has a family talk or your brothers and sisters are watching TV or play a video game and the volume is high.Home also means laughter to me like you now when your joking or watching a funny video and you start laughing.Home is the place to live and where you have fun and where you
Laugh.what home means to me is much more than a warm bed and a comfy couch.For me it is LOVE home is a place where i build my memory as well as a way to build my future.Home is a place where i can learn and help mom and dad.Home is the place to be and i say that everyone should have a home. Home is where we can all be happy,have fun,be safe and be with your family.That is what home means to me and agin i hope everyone gets a home.

That is what home means to