Grade 6

West Kelowna
British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

Home is a feeling that I can not get anywhere else. It’s a place I go at the end of the day. I go to the store and buy some things and I bring it home.

My favourite food is prime rib. Me and my family season the rib, and my mom helps me take it out the oven. I get my drinks and set the tablecloth. We place forks and knives and prepare for dinner. Me and my family sit down and eat where we talk to each other. We laugh, we have fun, and we enjoy each other.

My family is fun. I have a mom and a brother. We go swimming, we go fishing, and we play Wii. My mom cooks fish. It’s super delicious , I love fishing with my family.

Me and my family love getting out of the house especially right now. We go to hot springs and cool places. Me and my grandpa love to hangout on the fishing boat. We go fishing on the boat where he teaches me how to fish. He tells me what lures to use and techniques for fishing. At home we like to watch movies, and watch youtube. My mom and I also love to play video games together. I love video games mostly, she’s always a good sport when I win. At home my brother and I love watching people cutting down trees. My brother loves cutting down trees because he does it at work. It makes me feel like it’s what I want to do for work. We also play wrestling matches. My brother always wins. Mom always says don’t get hurt.

I love my family and my home. When I think of my home it makes me feel happy that I have shelter and a bed to sleep in. What matters most at home is the people that I love.