Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

To me home is a place you live.
Home can be anywhere you want it to be.
Home is where good or bad memories are made.
Home is where you can feel safe.

Home is where you help and love others.
Home is where you volunteer to help the poor.
Home is where you spend time with family and friends.
Home is where I sleep at night.

Home is where you celebrate holidays together.
Home is where you learn from your mistakes.
Home is where you are sheltered, whether it’s a roof or your family.
Home is special to you because it’s where you are from.

Home is where you are loved and not judged.
Home is a place you can trust.
Home is your comfort zone after a hard day at work or school.
Home is a place for you.

Home doesn’t need to be a building.
Home is where you wake up on your birthday.
Home is where you are welcome and wanted.
Home is where people support you.

Home can be happy or sad.
Home is a place where you belong.
Home is where we’re all equal no matter what religion.

Home is complete when a family moves in.
Home is where you are loved.
Home is where your family can take care of you.
Home is where you can make traditions.

Home is where I can be myself.
Home is a place you always remember.
Home is a place where you are accepted no matter what.

You might move from house to house but home will stay with you forever.
I’m so thankful that I have a home and I’ll love my home forever and ever.