Grade 6

West Kelowna
British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

Home is coming up to the door and turning the door handle. Pushing the door open to where I hear my dog barking at the door excited for me to be home.

Home is when we celebrate birthdays and our favorite traditions like on Christmas morning we get to eat the smooth topped pumpkin pie with whipped cream that we made the week before or on Christmas eve right before bed, we get pajamas and take pictures for memories and stay up later than normal. We like to play Clue or Twister which makes us laugh.

Home to me is when my mom makes me salmon on the barbeque and I get to sit outside hearing the salmon sizzle on the grill. My mom seasons the salmon and then she wraps it back up in the tinfoil. Once it’s done cooking, she puts it on a plate with rice and steamed vegetables then I grab the plate and sit at the table and I unwrap the tinfoil to where I can see the salmon. I grab my fork to pull off the salmon, it comes off the skin very easily because it’s cooked perfectly. I tell my mom thank you and savour eating my salmon.

At the end of the day, I’m glad I have a home because I feel safe and relaxed. That’s what home means to me.