Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

What Home Means To Me

What does home mean to me? Everything. Home means everything. The things that make home special, mean everything. I guess you’re here to find out what those are. Although some things that make home special are better than others, they are still all a big part of making home, home.

Where is home? Home can be anywhere as long as you feel safe where you are. If the people you love and who love you are around you, home can be anywhere. It can even be halfway across the world from where your house is. Or it can be right where your house is. It can literally be anywhere! My home is right here in my neighborhood. That’s not just where my house is. It’s where home is. Home is special to me because the people I love are there. I once heard from a very wise young woman, “home is where the heart is”. If your heart is with your family, friends, or even halfway across the world, that’s where your home is. My heart is right here, with my family and friends, in my neighborhood.

What makes home special to me? Family. Not just the people who have the same blood and genes as me, my friends too. Family can mean anything. What makes home really special is that where I am, feels safe, and I’m with my family. Friday night cheesy pizza and buttery popcorn watching my favorite movies with fizzy soda is home, because I love doing it. If you love something or love doing something it could feel just like home. It IS home. There are bad things that make home too. Not really bad, but not great either. Like fighting with your sisters, brothers, parents, or even friends. As long as you love them and in the end realize what your fighting over is nothing compared to how much you love each other, fighting could feel like home. That sounds crazy, yes, but it’s true and you can’t deny it. Well, I guess you can, but deep down you KNOW it’s true, sister!

Why is family so important? Because they are the people who really care about you. They are the people who are going to be there for you. They are the people who are going to be right beside you through thick and thin. Family isn’t just the people you got stuck with, they are the people who know you better than anyone. Maybe even better than you know yourself! As long as you love what you’re doing and who you’re with, it’s home. If you feel safe with your family and the people around you, THEY can be home. You could have a friend that you met online who lives halfway across the world and you could feel like you’re at home with them.

Well, I guess now you know what home means to me. Everything. Home isn’t just a house, it’s something so much more than that! Somewhere you feel safe and somewhere special. Maybe you can answer this question yourself! What does home mean to you?