Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

My home is a place where I can relax from a tiring day at school, make wonderful memories, and have fun. A lot of crazy things happen in my home. Like when we were coming home from my Nana’s and Papa’s house and we got locked out of the house and my mom had to break in through the broken front door.
Strange things always happen in my home. One time my dog, Lucky, thinks he needs to sleep on my bed, but wants to go out right after I lay down and get comfy. One time Lucky was wining because he wanted out of my room. But I didn’t feel like getting up so I just told him to lay down. But he just hopped on my bed and started walking around. So I told him to lay down again. He did lay down, bit right on top of me!! That silly dog. I love my home when sill things happen like that.
One of the most memorable moments in my home is on Christmas morning. When I wake up on Christmas morning every year it is always so relaxing and calm. I wake up and go upstairs, turn on the Christmas tree, and sit on the couch and wait for the rest of my family to wake up. Usually, I only have to wait for my four year old sister to wake up because she is really loud. Then, when everyone wakes up, we open our stockings, then we eat breakfast and open our presents under the tree. My home is extremely special to me.
What home means to me is relaxing, having fun, and making wonderful memories, and feeling safe. I love my home.