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West Kelowna
British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

Home for me means the place where you learn to walk, play, talk, eat and go to the bathroom. At home, you make memories and family traditions like what movie you watch on Christmas or family baking and playing board games. Home is the place that will comfort you when you cry or are sad. Home is the place that you are number 1!
When I think of home, I think of my family and pets, the scary basement where the washing and drying machine is, and fights with my siblings. It’s the place where you lost your first tooth, but gained your first step and your first word. The place where I can’t wait to go to at the end of the day. The place where you go to bed with a full tummy. Home is the place where your firsts happens.

I hate that so many people don’t have a home that so many people don’t have the experience to play on a couch during a thunderstorm or curl up in a bunch of blankets or make a fort with your friends or family. I’m so fortunate to have a home like I do now and I want to give other people what I have or at least some of what I have. So many people take a home for granted and don’t care that other people don’t have a home to go to when school is over or work is done. They don’t get to have a family dinner and movie on weekends. Or have a favorite restaurant to go to on their birthday! It is hard to think of not having any of this. I wish to help people so that is why I joined this competition to make a difference and to help someone gain a home.