Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means to Me


Home to me is safety, comfort, and fun. Home to me is so many things. Home to me is funny. It is where I can be myself. Home is me and my older siblings talking. Home is after playing outside then you go inside and it is like a warm blanket bundles you up. Home does not have to be big and fancy even a little gray house is not fancy. Home to me is my dog frantically licking me when I get home every evening. Home to me is also school with my friends and teacher. Home is to seek your dream that is home.

Some people do not have homes. Some people live on the streets with no food and no water and do not have the proper clothes for the weather. We can help by giving donations. Home is a feeling of warm hearts and some people even have pets in their homes. Home is so different for everyone, but we have to respect that. Home is me all cozied up in my warm blankets after a long hard day of work . Home is coming home with to a big tray of

Home doesn’t have to be big and fancy. A home to me is sturdy and strong. Your home can even be a camper. Home is a house with lots of memories.